Raindo Siagian (b. 1990, Indonesia). He is an artist based in Brussel, Belgium. Siagian relates his methodology with the idea of when he was a child. The essential of his work is to bring up the childhood imagination back as an adult. He reflects on how we can realize our deepest fantasies when we have grown up.
His recent work of using air as a medium to visualize the meaning of the "invisible". For him, it was important for political matters to make this invisible material noticeable. Act of unseen (2018), was a work where he studied how the air was moving.

Siagian works always with an unusual question, which he then translates in a way by doing/making/criticizing/faking/reflecting/generating/re-making art, and putting this all in parallel.

Pure volume (2022), is a continuation of the research on the invisible forms and the power of the object inherent in the so-called artist label.
In 2017, at age of 28th, Siagian went back to the university royal academy school of art, to get a diploma and become an artist. He sees this procedure as a performance piece itself and focuses on the central question: "what does it take to become an artist?'  He intends to frame this banal action and uplift the maximal bigger image of action. Siagian’s research is a movement of the analytical gap to interact with how we relate to each other as human beings in our generation.